Properties ( Network Interface and sampling rates )

Starting Windows with Onlineeye:

With every Windows start up, Onlineeye is starting too

Starting Graphic window automatically:

The small graphic window is shown after OE was started

Showing Onlinetime in every window:

In case of a connection with the Internet, the connection time will be shown in every window header.

Sampling Rate

Selecting a different network interface to monitor will reset all data in the Graph Tab. The totals for the received and sent values will reset to the amounts for your entire Windows session.

Check if you are connected to the internet:

Unfortunately itīs not possible to use only one function to check if an internet connection is available  that fits for every situation.  According to the various Windows versions, modem, networkconnection, firewall  or other properties you have to use different functions.

Here are the different check-modes i've found so far, at least one of them should work for you.

+InternetCheckConnection ........ Windowsfunktion , Checks if google is available
+InternetAttemptConnect .......... Another Windows function, sometimes working, sometimes not
+IsModem Connected ...............  The first choice for modem users
+gethostbyname ......................   Checks for Google
+InternetGetConnectedState ..... If none of the above is working for you, try this one

None of these modes transfer data to the Internet.