Our Guarantee

The basis of our Guarantee is that we assume 100% responsibility for your experience of using our programs. We want you to have tons of fun, and we take full responsibility for anything that gets in the way of that. If you ever have a problem with one of our programs, we believe we've let you down, and we don't think you should have to pay for anything less than a wonderfully working experience.

Bug-free? What? How is this possible? Perhaps it really is impossible to create a completely bug-free computer program today. We don't care! If you encounter bugs in any of our programs, we believe it's our responsibility to fix them. Give us just 10 days to find and fix any bugs you've found and send you a new version of the application for free, or you'll receive a full refund or exchange (your choice). If it takes us longer than 10 days to fix it, we'll still send you an updated version and give you another program for free. As software consumers ourselves, it absolutely frustrates us to spend our hard-earned money on software and then find we can't get it to run properly. We don't want you to have to suffer any frustration whatsoever. So we'll fix it within 10 days, or it's free.

Even if there's a problem preventing our programs from working that's not our fault, like a buggy driver that came with your computer, we'll still give you a full refund if we can't help you fix it. Our programs minimum requirements are so reasonable that even a 3-year-old computer should run them just fine. If you can't get to the point of enjoying our games as we intended, we certainly don't expect you to pay for them. We believe all software should be sold this way.

Our philosophy is simple: We worship the ground our customers walk on! We strive to make our tech support among the best in the world -- friendly, responsive, and helpful. And we keep working to make it better and better. If you buy a program from us and have a problem with it that we can't resolve, we'll give you a full refund. No one deserves to be treated the way some companies' support personnel treat people. We guarantee that our support department will solve your problem for you and treat you like a real human being, or your money back.

We know that privacy is very important to our customers. So we keep all your personal information secret and don't share it with other companies. Also, when you order programs online with your credit card, be aware that we don't keep a copy your credit card number after your order is processed. No human being actually sees your credit card number at any time while your order is being processed -- it's all handled by computers, and your data is securely encrypted.

Yes, it's for real. We didn't go into business just to make money. If that's all we wanted, we would have all gone out and gotten real jobs. We're in business to serve you and to make your life better. What inspires us most is knowing that we can create something that will bring a lot more fun, joy, and inspiration into your life.

And just to make it absolutely, perfectly clear, we don't want your money unless you feel we deserve it. From the moment you decide to download one of our programs to the point where your coffin is being lowered into the ground, we assume 100% responsibility for making sure you have fun. We don't care if you've never downloaded software before, if you're brand new to computer gaming, or if your computer is so old that the case is made of wood. If something is preventing you from having fun, we're responsible. So we guarantee that you'll have fun without frustration. No bugs. No spam. Great support. Total privacy. And tons of fun! If you experience anything less, you don't pay a dime.

While many companies use disclaimers to deny all responsibility for how you're treated, we're doing the exact opposite. So consider this our reverse-disclaimer. We're telling you right now that if you have a problem, we are responsible. Just give us the chance to make things right, and we'll do our very best to fix it. And if we screw up, we don't want your money. It's more important that we learn from our mistakes and make real changes to prevent them from ever happening again. For us to accept your money when we let you down just isn't right.

Are we going to be perfect? No. We're going to make some mistakes. As human beings we can't control everything. It's true that we can't know for certain that we've found and fixed every bug in a game before we release it. But we can still do our best to fix bugs once we find out about them. We can guarantee that youwon't have to pay anything if your experience isn't everything you hoped it would be. We can treat you like a real person and a friend instead of just an entry in a database. And most of all, we can listen to you, take you seriously, and continue striving to bring you as much FUN as possible.

Thanks for using our software.

With gratitude,

Your friends at pmaSoft