Protect your settings and hide Onlineeye

If you don't want anybody else than you to change the settings of Onlineeye, this is the place to start.

Password Protection :

After you have enabled the password protection nobody exept you has access to Onlineeye, that means that nobody except you is able to apply changes to Onlineeye. That will protect OE from your children accessing the time limits..

Show Tray Icon:

Maybe you don't like the moving tray-icon or you want to hide the presence of OE, then you can disable it. But as you already know, the Onlineeye settings are accessed by a right-click on the tray icon, so what can we do? The solution is a system wide keyboard shortcut, if you press this shortcut you will get into Onlineeye again.

Prevent OE from being stopped by someone other than yourself:


In case you deactivate the Tray-Icon, it is no longer possible to modify the properties of OnlineEye. Through this shortcut you can get to the properies of OnlineEye again.