Internet Dialer

OnlineEye also offers a very comfortable dialer, showing all configured RAS-connections of windows and connect the computer with a connection of your choice.


If you have choosen a connection you can set up a connection by pressing the "Dial" button. The respective status of the connection process is shown in the logwindow.

Cancel Dialup:

Hang Up:

If a connection was successfully built up, shown by status = connected, the connection can be finished by "Hang Up"


You can have a look at the connection properties, but this is only for viewing, not changing the settings.

Program start :

You know the situation, each time you connect to the internet you wished your Browser, Email Client etc. are already startet, but there aren't. So back to the Start-menu or Desktop .... Now you can choose what programs should be started after you have dialed in. Just Drag & Drop your favorite programs in the listbox, next time you dail in, they are started automaticlly.