Ping, keep connection alive

Automatic Ping:

Normally auto-pinging a host or service provider can prevent disconnection by ISPs who monitor your connection activity. But what happens if your computer is simulating such a behaviour ? Wehn it works, your ISP will never disconnect you again.

A ping is a low level test to see if a remote host or computer is reachable by your PC. Automatic Ping is doing that at a free selectable interval. Just select a time and a host that should be pinged, the best would be your ISP.
Ping Test:

Is sending a Ping to a host of your interest, and is waiting a given time, before it stopes with a timeout.

What is Ping:

``Ping'' is one of the most useful network debugging tools available. It takes its name from a submarine sonar search - you send a short sound burst and listen for an echo - a ping - coming back.