OnlineEye Prof. Version 1.4.9


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Neu: Neue Warnung Messageboxen
Neu: Installationsassistent
Bugfix: Setup Probleme
Bugfix: Eine kritische Crashursache beseitigt, sollten sie
sporatische OE Abstürze haben, dann unbedingt updaten!

New: Warning-Messagebox
New: Setup Wizard
Bugfix: Setup problems
Bugfix: A major crash reason has been fixed!


Neu: Kein Splash-Screen beim Startup für registrierte Benutzer
Neu:Wöchentliches Backup der Historischen Daten
Bugfix: Router Interfaceabfrage zeigt Interfaces die keine
Beschreibung haben nicht an.
Bugfix: Eine mögliche Crashursache beseitigt
Bugfix: XP SP2 Taskmanager

New: No splashscreen for registered users
New: Weekly Backup of the historical data
Bugfix: Router interfaces with no description where not displayed
Bugfix: One possible crash-reason resolved
Bugfix: Spelling of some english texts


Neu: Neuer Mode der verhindert das PPP und Ethernet/PPP
doppelt gezählt wird, wichtig für alle Ethernet DSL Modems
Bugfix: Kleines Fenster Positionsproblem ab V1.4.6 behoben
Bugfix: Zoom beim Laden eines 24h Graphs wurde nicht richtig dargestellt

New: New mode that solves the problem with PPP and Ethernet/PPP
DSL Modems, earlier versions doubled the traffic.
Bugfix: Screenresolution-detection fixed for Win98/WinME
Bugfix: Previous saved 24h graphes openend with a wrong zoom factor


New: New Crash-Report System
Update: Internet Check Rate auf von 2 auf 5 Sekunden verlõngert
Bugfix: IMPORTANT !! Random crashes on some computers fixed
Bugfix: Shutdown not working for throughput check
Bugfix: A screenresolution change might cause a lost of the the small window
Bugfix: Ctrl+Alt+D ... Dial Modem, Ctrl+Alt+H ... Hangup Modem


New: Traffic-Monitor shows MAC-adresses
New: Traffic-Monitor remembers last selected adapter
New: Open/Hide either small graph-window or Onlineeye
if you click on the tray-icon
Bugfix: first time traffic peak after resume after hibernate


New: WinXP look supported
Update: NT4.0 Sp6, Internetexplorer 4.0 supported
Bugfix: Volume was reseted to 0 on some Win98 machines


New: Start Onlineeye if it detects a online connection
New: Onlinetime optionally round to full minutes
New: Change and edit historical data (Volume+Time)
New: Daily data level warning message
Bugfix: some minor bugfixes

Coming soon: WinNt 4.0 support, MAC Adresses for Traffic Watch

New: Logging whether connection has been lost
Bugfix: Manual scaling factor not working for tray-icon
Bugfix: "No Header" not working on some machines
Bugfix: First time router connection retrives total router counter
Bugfix: Settingsscreen shown on autostart at some machines
Bugfix: English help file updated by a native speaker

Bugfix: Manual scaling factor was Bps
Bugfix: Some combo boxes had inappropriate "drop list" style

New: Onlineeye-Client shows daily/monthly volume and onlinetime
as well as the actual up/downloadrate of every Onlineeye-Server

New: Correction factor for router up/downloadcounter
New: Manual scaling factor for your max. connection speed
New: "SECURITY SETTINGS" an option to clear and copy the table to clipboard
New: "TRACE"´an option to clear and copy the table to clipboard
New: Excel export for historical data

New: Backup+Restore historical Data
New: have (optionally) a thinner frame and no title bar, so it is "minimal"
New: have (optionally) the rx & sx speeds directly printed on the window
New: have (optionally) the volume directly printed on the window
New: have (optionally) the online-time directly printed on the window
New: Display current Router interface status (up/down/etc.)
Update: Onlinetime monitoring for analogous modem and LAN users.
Update: WinPcap 3.1 for the network monitor(sniffer)
Bugfix: Program hangs if router is selected and not available

Bugfix: Auto-Startup problem on some machines

New: Onlinetime monitoring of Router interface
Update: Enable/Disable Dialer Hotkeys
Bugfix: Router monitoring problems after standby!

Bugfix: Onlinetime-counter not correct if pc running longer than 24hours
Update: Whois servers
Update: Traffic Monitor: Logging to file with name resolution

New: Logging for "Traffic watch"
New: Dialer is able to create new internet connection
New: Dialer Hotkeys, Strg+Alt+D ... Dial , Strg+Alt+H ... Hangup
Bugfix: Dialer drag&drop
Bugfix: Reseting of transfervolume every 1'st day of month even if
the monthly timeperiod begins with another day as the first.

New: Possibility to exchange Sent/Receive for SNMP

New: Monitor the traffic of any device that supports SNMP,
including Router, Server, Switch and many more .....

New: Historical onlinetime for more than just one month
Bugfix: Samplerate change had no effect on main-graph

Bugfix: Downloadlimit warnings fixed again
Bugfix: Some minor bugfixes

New: Pop of small graph-window either on startup or new connection
Bugfix: Some minor Bugfixes

New: English help updated
New: Switch if warning messages must be quitted or not
Bugfix: Uninstall 100% fixed

Bugfix: Downloadlimit Warnings problem for limit > 2GB
Bugfix: Max. one instance for child-protection passwordwindow
Bugfix: Focus for password inputfield
Bugfix: Graphwindow moving disabled

New: 0190 Dialer warnings, if you use onlineeye as dialer
New: Dialer shows Tel.Nr and Provider during dialing
Bugfix: Graph.exe now running with Win95/NT
Bugfix: Dailer starts programs only if dialup was successfull
Bugfix: Some translation errors fixed

v1.0 First Release !
New: Dailer starts programs of your choice after dialup
New: History of time spend online
New: Full Path+Icon of programs with open internet connections
New: Full english help + tutorials
New: Uninstall, leaving no traces behind on the user's machine
New: Homepage with Onlinehelp
Bugfix: Exacter time elapsed since the computer is online
Bugfix: Autostart entry removed
Bugfix: Transfervolume Messages
Bugfix: Calculation of month transfervolume based on a variable start day

New: Tutorials
New: Delete items from the Historical-Transfervolume Program
Bugfix: Historical-Transfervolume

New: Full german help !
New: Autostart is set on initial startup
Bugfix: Function Key "F1" openens the help-file

New: About Menu
Bugfix: Registration
Bugfix: Transfervolume problem at 24:00
Bugfix: Dialer remembers now the last dialed provider
Bugfix: Update Button for Transfervolume ( 1st day of month)

New: Warning-Timer now with min:sec time-fractions
Bugfix: Uninstall cleans the Registry

New: Network Traffic Monitor !! Now you have your Internet
aaaaand Networktraffic under full control, no program is
aaaatalking @home without your knowledge.
New: Startday for monthly transfervolume is now adjustable
New: Automatic Ping your ISP to stay online if your ISP is
aaaachecking your Internet activity
New: TrayIcon now with 2 more pixels (porneL :)
New: Program-Crash Dumpfile+Report

Bufgix: Snap to screenborders ultimatly fixed!
Bugfix: Graphic-Report, Recource Problem Fixed
Bugfix: Portscanner, Recource Problem Fixed
Bugfix: Data Viewer, no more Problems if you change the Date
Bugfix: Only one instance of Onlineeye is allowed at the same time

New: Graphic-Report: KB/KBit Display
New: Graphic-Report: Select hours
New: Graphic-Report: min/max/average for the actual zoomed time-period
Bugfix: Some minor fixes

New : Historical Up/Downloadrate up to 24 hours in a new zoomable graph!
- Average of your Up/Downloadrate up to 24 hours
- Min/Max of your Up/Downloadrate up to 24 hours
- Save/Load/Print the trend to show it to your internet provider

Bugfix: Passwordsecurity was not working for left-click on graph-window
Bugfix: Snap to Screen-Borders optimized
Bugfix: Move the small graph window with left mouse button down
Bugfix: Open the settings-window with a double-click
Bugfix: Logfiledirectory fixed

Bugfix: Client/Server Bug
Bugfix: Missing Whois-Configfile

New: Transfervolume will be stored now and can be checked at any time
New: Bandwidthwarnings now on monthly base
New: Speed as percentage of the max. transferrate, if fixed
New: Whois working now with up to 40 Domain-Services, including *.de, *.at etc.
New: 115kbit for fixed Transferrate
Bugfix: Splash-Screens on Startup removed

New: Snap to Screenborders
New: Allow changing of programm-language at any time
Bugfix: Registration
Bugfix: Window-Resizeing fixed
Bugfix: Minimize Header-Button
Bugfix: WinXP / UserPassword

New: Security Functions:
- Shows all open Ports with the corresponding Applications (Winnt/2000/XP)
- PasswordSpy for showing passwords hidden behind ******
- Show Local Username + Userpassword (Winnt/2000)
New: Gradient Graph
New: Stopwatch for Up&Downloadspeed
New: Categories for the navigationpanel have been rearranged
New: Menues with XP-Style
New: Left Mousebutton on the Graph-Window is showing the Toolswindow
New: Connection Checkmode : Do not check if computer is online
New: Install/Uninstall
New: Onlineeye Icon
New: Client automaticly tries to reconnect if connection lost to server(3min)
Bugfix: Problem with Overpainting in Tray-Icon
Bugfix: Passwordcheck also for right mouseclick on small graph window
Bugfix: HotKey was not bringing Onlineeye to the foreground
Bugfix: Graphwindow max. 290x290 Pixel

Smaller Header Window
Close Button for Graph&Settings window
Line that separates graphs is smaller now in tray & small window
Tray graph now not only auto-scales, it scales like selected
Bugfix: wininet.dll caused onlineeye to crash on some Win98 machines
Bugfix: window popup on startup is now linked with pop-up on new connection
Bugfix: tray-icon background is now the same as the graph window

Bugfix: Problem on Windows Shutdown
Bugfix: Scaling Values in english version
Bugfix: Scaling and positioning of the graph-window

Bugfix: 2 new Bugs in V0.98 have been fixed
Graph Range and scaling updated

-Small Graph-Window:
- now acts like the big-one, so you can change here
also the Graph-Style, Bytes/Bits, Line/Bargraph, Autoscale/Fixed Scale
- resizeable
- colors free adjustable
- different window styles
- window snaps to screen-edges
- moveable with left-mouseclick
- popup-menu with right mouse-click
TrayIcon as Bargraph or Histogramm
New Graph Configuration-Screen

-German Helpfile, Deutsche Hilfe ;-)
-Bugfix: Timed Messages, not resetet by a connection hangup

-Client/Server -> Now you can show the network-traffic of a remote computer
especially usefull if you have one computer connected to the internet and
some other computer sharing the same internetconnection
-Standby, Hibernate, Lock Workstation for Shutdownmode
-Remote Control of the Server-Computer!
-Logging, helps debugging a lot
-Icons for the navigation-tree, looks much better now
-Automatic Popup of the small connection-window if we have a new online connection
Bugfix: WinXP: Sometimes a TrayIcon errormessage occured when autostart was selected
Bugfix: Timed Messages show now the correct time
Bugfix: Timelimit

Store Settings if Windowsshutdown
Bugfix: Troughputwarningmessages
Bugfix: Ping in Traymenu crashes Onlineeye
Bugfix: TrayIcon-Text shows only received bytes
Bugfix: Rasapi32.dll not found -> WinNT

Warning for Total Up/Download per Session
Redial if min. Uploadrate is not reached for a specific time

Enter Onlineeye settings only with optionaly password
Enable/Disable Trayicon
Hotkey for settings-window
Protect OnlineEye from being closed by the taskmanager

Bugfix: Dialogtexts
Bugfix: Enable Autodial, removed DialUp-Window Popup on Programmstart

Fixed Problem with 4GB Transferrate on XP-Machines
Bugfix: No Onlinetime in Header of actual Window, if the
connection is not RAS

Fixed Scaling for Graphs - Sending/Receiving
Collapsed Navigation Tree on Startup
bugfix: not all parameters are stored at program-stop
bugfix: cut connection after some time, is working again
bugfix: double entrys in navigation-tree removed
bugfix: errormessage if mapi is not installed, cause otherwise feedback crashes onlineye
bugfix: uninstall didnt remove the start-folder entrys
bugfix: transferrateinfo in tray


not working v0.92 on Win9x machines, because of netapi32
disabled ras warnings of the dialer

logged on user
who uses your shared network resources
Checkmodes for detecting if you are connected to the internet
Userdialog design
Networkfunctions in tray-menu


Hangup, Cancel Dial in Tray
Enter Key was hiding the program