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Binary Converter


Windows Desktop Calculator
Deskcalc is a full-featured Windows adding machine, with the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment.
Desktop Calculator
Internet Speed Monitor
Internet Speed Monitor - measure, analyze, and record the bandwidth and speed of your Internet or Network connection. Works with DSL,ADSL,Cable....

Internet Speed Meter
Adding Machine Features

Features include a check-strip with comfortable text input per position, correction possibilities (rectifying, adding and deleting values), built-in formula interpreter, sales tax functions, cache (memory function), percentage calculation, currency-conversion, display of the results in task strip and window title line, printing with heading and date/time, Excel-export.
Internetspeed and Network Monitor

A zoomable and printable graph shows 24 hours of speed history, allowing you to see what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer. The active taskbar icon graphs the current speed. The networkmonitor shows every internetactivity of your DSL connection and let you unmask all spys.
Software Adding Machine Benefits

Unlike mechanical or electronic calculators, Deskcalc doesn't waste your physical desk space, use up expensive rolls of tape, require batteries or power supplies, or get lost underneath a pile of paper while you have already a computer on your desk.
Time, Volume and Traffic Recording

Onlineeye optimizes PC Internet performance. The real-time Graphic Analyzer separately measures and records your download and upload speed/time.

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