Graph your Internet Traffic

Here you can adjust the realtime graph upon your needs.


- Auto Scale ... The graph resizes automaticlly so that all the traffic will be displayed within the display area
- Free Scale ... Sets your bandwidth for up/download from 14.4 KByte to 100 MByte

Each of the graphs provide an Auto Scale option which dynamically adjusts the range of the graph so that all bars, or lines, are drawn completely within the graph. Auto Scale is recommended if you are using a high bandwidth device such as cable, DSL, or T1 line.

Modem users may wish to manually configure the range of the graph to match the rated speed of their modem. For example, if you have a 56 kbps modem, set the graph display mode to bps, and adjust the slider control so that the topmost value in the graph displays 56k bits/sec.

Graph Display


Graphic display has two modes Bargraph or Linegraph.

Traffic Scale

Scale and display of all data is either Bit/sec or Byte/sec,  1 Byte = 8 Bit.
The conversion to KB/sec or MB/sec is done automatically, 1MB = 1024KB, 1KB = 1024Byte

The current and average values reflect data throughput rates using either bits per second or bytes per second. Throughput is the amount of data that has been sent, or received, within a specific duration of time. The greater the throughput, the faster your Internet connection is.

These settings refer to both the small graphic window and the graph above.

Color selection :

- background ....... apply to send/receive
- average value .... apply to send/receive

These properties are activated by clicking "Update Changes"

Window Display :

You can choose between 4 different display modes.

Transparent graph window :

With Win2000 or newer, the window can be shown transparent.