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DeskCalc V2.34 (16.04.2004)

New: Decimal places determined for each calculation, not only fixed to 0 to 6.
Bugfix: Text alignment works now for all selected texts
Bugfix: The option "Hide Deskcalc with" hides/unhides Deskcalc
Bugfix: Key "C" does "Delete actual calculation"

DeskCalc V2.33

Bugfix: The word "Tax" in the textfield always invoked the tax function
Bugfix: Autostartproblem on some machines

DeskCalc V2.32

New: More Deskcalc Instances at a time are allowed now
Bugfix: Some minor changes

DeskCalc V2.31

New: Spain Version added ( thank you Ceasar )

DeskCalc V2.3

New: Finance calculation: Installment annuity loan
New: Finance calculation: Remaining annuity loan
New: Finance calculation: Installment saving - Term
New: Finance calculation: Installment saving - Saving sum
New: Finance calculation: Leasing
New: Finance calculation: Cash discount
New: Decimals from 0-6

Bugfix: Shortcut "M+C" is working now
Bugfix: Undo for multiply and division
Bugfix: Thousend seperator - Clipboard
Bugfix: "Edit\Undo" not 2x
Bugfix: Keyboard "," as decimal
Bugfix: Delta percentage
Bugfix: F2 working now all the time

DeskCalc V2.18

Bugfix: Excel export optimized

DeskCalc V2.17

New: Printout supports now color printers
New: Tutorial included, a flash movie that shows all important featues

DeskCalc V2.16

New: Currency conversion for US dollar und britisch pfund
Bugfix: Deskcalc ignore the first decimal input for a value like .0456

DeskCalc V2.15

New: Help Files Updated
New: Subtotal with 'S' Key

DeskCalc V2.14

Bugfix: Excel Export

New: Delta Function, calculates the difference between 2 Values, abs and %
1) 1000 ... enter first value
2) d ... press "d"
3) 1500 ... enter second value
4) ... press ENTER


DeskCalc V2.12

Bugfix: Drag&Drop System Error on some machines, now fixed !

DeskCalc V2.10

New: Copy to clipboard with/without the tausend seperatures
Bugfix: Printer Font fixed

DeskCalc V2.08

New: Choose a Font for your printouts
New: Taxsales-Rate with up to 2 decimal-places
New: Thousands separators and decimal separator now also with american style
Bugfix: Printout wasnt working in V2.07

DeskCalc V2.07


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