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  • Many scientific functions
  • Binary arithmetic And, Or, Xor, Not, Nand, Nor, Mod, Sign, Bits, Shift, Rotate .... z.B not(dec(18380) or hex(EF80) and bin(1000101000)) 16Bit = B833h ; 32Bit =FFFF B833h
  • You can enter expressions by pressing buttons or by typing them in (it's advisable to take care with the syntax)
  • 4,8,16,32 Bit
  • 50 convertions English <--> Metric
  • 465 convertions of following areas + Angle ,Area, Electricity, Energy, Force, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity, Volume
  • 24 Nature-Constants
  • 150+ Units
  • It has a additional window showing 4 lines: hex, oct, dec, bin. Each line is clickable for new data input. The others immediately reflect that data input in their respective bases
  • Eurocalculator for ALL memberstates of the european union
  • Stores Variables
  • Stores Results+Function in a Stack
  • Copies the Result automaticly to the Clipboard
  • Shows the result als Standard, Fixed (0-15) and Eng. as well as 100,000.045 | 100.000,045 | 100000,045 | 100000.045
  • Calculator on top of all windows
  • Tooltips
  • Change Font of Calculator to change programsize
  • Sum and average results in stack - and so on
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