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Windows Tape Calculator

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Save the calculator tape in up to five different file formats. You can also preview the tape report and customize the report title.
Print the tape
Exports the Tape to Excel
Use a floating point or fixed number of decimal places. If you enable "Auto decimal", Deskcalc will enter the decimal for you.
Pressing the {Enter} key two or three times in a row displays totals and grand totals for previous calculations.
Use the input logic that's most natural for you. Algebraic works like most hand-held calculators, while Adding Machine functions similar to a desktop 10-key.
Store up to unlimited values in memory.
Display the number of entries in a calculation.
Calculate loan payments, amortization schedules, depreciation, bonds, cash flows, and interest rate conversions.
Calculate cost of goods sold, profit margin, markup, retail sales price, and gross profit.
Define your local rate to make adding sales tax easy.
User options including always on top, system tray icon, run on startup, sound events, and much more.
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
Correction possibilities, Deskcalc is working like Excel
Exchange your calculations with other windows programs


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